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Why Win Win Tendering was formed

Chris Dennis created Win Win Tendering to pass on her tendering experience gained within the corporate environment to other companies, usually without access to tender proposal managers on a full-time basis. She formed the service to satisfy her need to see her clients grow their business and succeed.

Having worked in tender management for over twenty years, she began her career as a subject matter expert responding to technical and operational IT tenders. Her experience has given her a well-rounded view of tender management and response development.

Chris excels in managing and motivating multi-functional virtual teams and direct reports alike. She has extensive practical experience in training staff in tender management and tender strategies, as well as the effective and productive use of sales and bidding systems, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools to help improve productivity across the tender development and production process.

She has trained staff and peers in tender management and tender strategies as well as how to use sales tools, word processors and spreadsheets to help improve productivity across the company.

Chris has managed tenders for leading Australian businesses including Advantra, Telstra Enterprise Services, NEC, UCMS, Commander and Interactive - with an 82% success rate of her bids shortlisted or won over her career.