27 January 2015,

I have been reading a book, which is all about how to manifest what you desire. Well worth the read. However, I’m not here selling that book, although if you would like the name of it – just send me an email and I’m more than happy to share.

While I have been reading the book, I started to think about how our thoughts when responding to tenders could affect the outcome of the tender. And how this information can help my clients win more tenders. 

Then it came to me – of course it will help. What we all manifest in our minds – good and bad – will happen. 

So on all tenders, if every person who works on them is positive that they desire the tender to win. Then this would increase their probability of success.


My questions to you:


  • Do you think tenders are hard?
  • Do you think tenders are won on price?
  • Do you think you’re wasting your time?
  • Do you think that you’re never going to win?


Understanding that what we think about, is what we manifest. 

What ever you think, will happen. This is called the Law of Attraction.

What are you manifesting?

Just a bit of a side note – this does work. About 18 months ago my partner and I manifested business class seats to and from USA on our last holiday. We both knew it would happen, we didn’t know how it was going to happen – just that it would.

Two weeks before our holiday, we received an email where we could bid for an upgrade from Premium Economy to Business. Now we bid very low as we didn’t have any spare cash – it was successful. We were upgraded on both legs of the journey. We had the most awesome long haul flights.

This really works.

Back to how this fits in with tendering.

Have you ever noticed that happy people are more successful than unhappy people?

When you responded to that last tender, or quote. What was in the back of your mind?

  • I know I will win 
  • or I believe that I will win?
  • or I know I will lose?
  • or I believe I will lose?

What was your answer? Did it come true?

Which of those statements will increase your probability of success?

What’s the difference between know and believe?

You know that the grass is green. You know that the sun is yellow. This is without any doubt – it is what it is.

However when you believe, there is a small bit of doubt that it will happen. Such as I believe that I’ll be at work on time as the train should run on time. There’s some doubt.

“To manifest what you want in life you must first get clear about what that is!”

When your thinking tendering is hard – the vibe from your response is hard. Its hard to read, hard to work out why the company would want to work with you.

When your thinking tendering is awesome – the words come easier to respond, they become easier for the reviewer to read, they become easier for the reviewer to want to read it and want to work with you.

This is because your subconscious mind always wants to be right. So if subconsciously and consciously you say – 


Tenders are fun, easy

Tenders are won based on {insert your criteria here}

The best use of my time is responding to this winning tender


Your probability of success will increase.

I have worked with many people from all walks of life responding to tenders. By far the people who are more successful are the ones that are positive that their product or service is best around. That they’re responding to this tender because it would make a difference to the company that is buying the product/service. 

They know that their response will be seen as favorable to the tender reviewers.

Do you believe or know that your next tender response will win?

Have you manifested the outcome?

Let us know if you agree or disagree with this post and why!

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