Every Tender is a Winner

8 March 2015,

You have spent a lot of time and money responding to a tender. You have put in all your best words, your best price […]

Common Tender Mistakes

15 February 2015,

I’ve met a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners (lets call these groups – Tony) that are full of stars in their eyes and […]

Do Your Thoughts Affect Your Probability of Success

27 January 2015,

I have been reading a book, which is all about how to manifest what you desire. Well worth the read. However, I’m not here […]

Tendering Content Management

13 January 2015,

Tendering Content Management Whilst every tender is different, there is some content that you can pre-prepare. After all, why reinvent the wheel every time. That […]

What is Tendering?

1 January 2015,

Since starting Win Win Tendering, I have attended many networking events and met with business owners, entrepreneurs and people who work for various companies across every […]