Kevin Toohey – General Manager – Business Development
April 7, 2016

We have utilised Chris to review our tender management processes, writing and layout by analysing specific bids and making recommendations/training with the aim to increase success rates, reduce costs and improve the end to end resource efficiency of the proposal process. Chris has helped us with a more targeted and effective "benefits focusses" bid strategy by rejuvenating our proposal writing and improving our win ratio as a result.

Emil Chybowski – Berkeley Cleaning
April 7, 2016

Thank you Chris, for going above and beyond. We really did appreciate your work.

It's nice to know that there are still people out there who give more than 100%, which we recognize that you did under trying circumstances. We really did appreciate it. Enjoy the blooms.

Richard Burian – Editor, Writer, Ebook Publishing Specialist
March 16, 2016

When I read Chris' book "Tendering for Tradies", I was impressed at the practical, every-day advice that could be applied to any business, not only tendering for tradespeople.

The book helped me reevaluate and refine several processes in my own strategies. The lessons in this book can be applied to any service-based business.

Highly recommended to all business owners!

Lesley Cooper – Principal Consultant
March 16, 2016

Chris recently completed some research for me. I greatly appreciated the timeliness of her work (over the Christmas/New Year period) and her thoroughness. She provided everything I asked for and used her skills and knowledge to provide a couple of things I hadn't thought to ask for.
I will certainly use Chris' services again should the need arise in the future.

Trudy Davison – Chief Operational Officer
December 3, 2013

Win Win tendering helped our company build a tender out document for a development we need to have tendered.
Chris was a great source of information and a joy to work with. She is amazing and know tendering inside and
out. The benefit is that I now have a template for when ever I need a document.

Ben Lovell – Chief Executive Officer
December 3, 2013

Thank you Chris for your guidance on our last tender. It was a very wise and hugely valuable investment to work with you.
Your immediate pace was very helpful given our time constraints, but most importantly the delivered finish was absolutely
key in getting our client across the line. We look forward to working with you again!

Brad Kaine – Cloud & Managed Services Specialist
July 13, 2013

In my roles as Solution Architect and Business Development Manager at Interactive I had the pleasure of working with Chris
for two and a half years. Chris and I worked on multiple bids during this time. Chris asks the tough questions, does her
diligence and from that point takes ownership and orchestrates the bid process like a true professional. Thanks for your
support Chris you are a champion in your space.

Brett Wilson – Business Development Manager
July 13, 2013

Chris Dennis is a bid manager operating at the absolute top of her professsion.
Chris and I partnered on many large tender responses during her years at Interactive, and it's fair to say we punched above
our weight every time.
Even on the odd occasion where solution-wise we may have been off the mark (and came up short), the clients were always
especially appreciative of the professionalism in these responses.
Chris has a unique ability to take what are commonly very complex RFT's, dice them up, delegate it out and get
everyone working towards the common goal.

Ran McDonald – State Sales Manager
July 13, 2013

Chris has run our bid and large deal team for 3 years or so, prior to Chis joining Interactive, sales reps attempted to run
large bids with disappointing results. Chris has brought a new level of professionalism to Interactive's large deal and
government bids with great results.

Mannix Aylward – National Infrastructure Solutions Manager
June 4, 2013

During the time Chris Dennis worked for me, I found her to be a highly professional bid manager who understands the end
to end bid management process. She can operate autonomously, instinctively knowing how to get the best out of the bid team
to produce a winning outcome. She has a very focused eye for detail as well as quality.
I highly recommend her and am happy to be her referee.

Joe Bourke – Solutions Manager
June 4, 2013

Chris is a highly competent Bid Manager with strong attention to detail and the ability to keep a bid on track and on time
which is rare these days. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris' work and would welcome the opportunity to
work with her again.

Suzette Kelson – National PMO Manager
June 4, 2013

Chris was a remarkable Presales and Bid Manager for Commander and the people she worked with valued her very
highly. Her win ratio was higher than any other Presales and Bid Mgr in Commander. She worked closely with
sales, pre-sales and delivery teams to ensure winning bids were developed that met Customer expectations,
added value and were profitable for Commander. Chris is a pleasure to work with.

Debbie Johnstone – Account Executive
June 4, 2013

I worked with Chris on several bids over the course of our relationship. Chris' work is second to none. She is well organised,
and has the gift of being able to get the best out of others. I would recommend Chris to any employer looking for an
exceptional bid or services manager.

Robert Pendergrast – Sales Manager
June 4, 2013

In my role as Sales Manager Telephony and Sales Manager IT at Commander I worked with Chris to manage multiple bids.
It is such a relief to work with a colleague that takes total ownership and management of a project/bid and drives
it through to its conclusion while keeping all stakeholders informed. Chris is self motivated and goal oriented
and I would recommend Chris as someone who makes projects and bids happen and she would be an asset to any