1 January 2015,

Since starting Win Win Tendering, I have attended many networking events and met with business owners, entrepreneurs and people who work for various companies across every industry you could think of.

At every event the one big question that is asked is….

What do you do?

For some people this question is easy to explain doctor, dentist, shop assistant, electrician, builder, you get the idea. Everyone has heard of these functions and jobs so there is already an understanding of what the persons company does.


I’ve found when I say that I help companies to save time and money when responding to tenders – there is this look of OK! Followed by the question
What is tendering?
Here is what I say


When a Company – lets say ABC Company wants another company to do some work for them. ABC Company will work out what work they need done and write up a document.
The document normally includes at least…
  1. The Objectives of the company
  2. The Requirements of the project
  3. Information about the company
  4. Questions to be answered
  5. Tendering Terms and Conditions – a contract that you will need to abide by if you want to respond
  6. A document that you need to update with answers to the questions
  7. A contract – this is for the delivery of the project


This document is called a Tender.


The company responding to the tender – fills out the forms and answers the questions in the format that is normally provided by ABC Company.


That response is called a Proposal or a Bid or a Tender Response.
Just to fix up a myth – In my industry there isn’t any tenders…
Tenders are released to the market in EVERY Industry worldwide for products and services.


In fact at any point in time there are thousands of tenders worth Billions of Dollars looking for that right company to provide products and services.
The next statement is normally…


I never knew that existed!


So if your in business and haven’t heard of tenders before – its worth having a look at what is out there and seeing if there are tenders for your product or service.


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